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Macaroni corn casserole

Our everyday life is constantly busy with various things. Work, communication, hobbies, family, leisure. It takes all our time, and sometimes we do not have time to prepare a full breakfast, a delicious rich lunch, or a family dinner. Sometimes there is not even enough imagination for new dishes that do not take much time. …

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Stir fry potatoes

Who does not know how to fry potatoes? Probably no one … But there are some subtleties, the observance of which will lead you to the ideal, in my opinion, result! Ingredients: potatoes – 1 kg; onion – 1 large; salt, vegetable oil. Step 1 How to peel potatoes? Of course, the final result will …

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Smoked sweet potatoes

Did you realize that you can smoke yams? Regardless of whether you do it for the light smoke flavor or for the comfort of making a side simultaneously as the principle course, it’s a generally excellent though and I’ll show you the simple strides beneath to smoked yam nirvana! Are sweet potatoes healthier than regular …