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Holiday dishes

Is candy corn vegan

One of the most favorite cereal crops, corn, has a noticeable positive effect on the work of the whole organism. At the same time, with some diseases and conditions, corn may be contraindicated.   Corn health benefits Can you eat field corn? You will be surprised, but corn contains a small amount of gold, which …

Holiday dishes

Salted egg yolk cookies

Salted egg yolk is all around cherished in Asia. Typically duck eggs are dried with salt, and the yolks at long last turn brilliant orange-red, bringing about salty white and salty and marginally sweet yolks. Typically, whites are not utilized in the assembling of treats. Proteins are extremely salty, so they can be joined with …

Holiday dishes

Nibble food holidays

Healthy holiday snacks Hello! We want to talk about snacks. But if you lead a healthy lifestyle and always want to stay on the wave of your taste preferences, do you need to deny yourself snacks on the festive table? In no case! After all, we have good news. We have prepared ideas for healthy …