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Stir fry potatoes

Who does not know how to fry potatoes? Probably no one … But there are some subtleties, the observance of which will lead you to the ideal, in my opinion, result!


potatoes – 1 kg;

onion – 1 large;


vegetable oil.

Step 1

How to peel potatoes? Of course, the final result will depend on the cutting method. I prefer to cut thin enough small sticks, it is thus uniformly and quickly enough fried.

Step 2

Next, we put all the chopped potatoes in a colander.

Step 3

If we want to ultimately get crispy potatoes, not porridge, then soak for 20-30 minutes in cold water, and then rinse well to wash off the starch.

Step 4

After drying it with a paper or textile towel.

Step 5

We fry in a heavy frying pan well preheated with vegetable oil. Here are the subtleties. The fire should be medium and the first 3-5 minutes I do not recommend mixing it so that the crust “seizes”. And fry in the beginning without a lid, so as not to get that very “mess”. Then fry in the same mode, i.e. We do not strive to interfere with her every minute.

Step 6

Meanwhile, cut the onion in your favorite way.

Step 7

When the potatoes are already evenly browned, we throw onions on top of it and close the lid. It is better than the lid does not fit on the onion with potatoes, so that there is air inside. Thus, the onions are steamed and give their flavor. After a couple of minutes, remove the lid, mix and fry further without a lid until cooked.

Step 8

Salt at the very end is again a guarantee of a crisp. If you want soft potatoes, salt first.

Tasty and easy!

roasted potatoes air fryer

Roasted potatoes in air fryer

Potatoes are cut into cubes (straws, cubes, slices) and lightly dried.

Sliced ​​potatoes are washed with cold water before frying and then dried on linen napkins, which contributes to the formation of an even golden crust and prevents the pieces of potato from sticking together during their roasting.

For frying, it is better to use deep-frying fat or refined oil, it should completely cover the potatoes.

potatoes stir fry: dipped in deep fat, brown, take out and sprinkle with salted powder.

The powder can be made by grinding salt in a coffee grinder.


Gluten free scalloped potatoes

In most root crops, including potatoes, there is no gluten. This product can be eaten by people with gluten intolerance. Potato dishes are often included in gluten-free diets. You can not worry about your health and eat your favorite potato dish!

When do potatoes go bad? How to keep potatoes from turning brown?

The average shelf life of any kind of potato is 6-7 months. At room temperature, due to temperature differences, potatoes can shorten their storage time. For example, if tubers are stored in the kitchen, then during cooking, the humidity and temperature change.

So that the potatoes do not darken after you peel it, you need to fill it with water. In water, it will remain without brown for several hours and even for several days.


How many carbs are in potatoes?

The most useful is the potato with yellow pulp, rich in beta-carotene. With its regular use, an improvement in the condition of the skin and visual functions is noticeable. The chemical composition of the root crop consists mainly of carbohydrates. In raw form, the indicator per 100 g is 18 g, in the boiled form it is already 15 g, but in the fried form it reaches 35 g. If you take potatoes the size of a tennis ball, then its weight will be from 150 to 170 g. Accordingly, the figures in raw, boiled, and fried condition is 27 g, 22 g, and 52 g respectively.

Root carbohydrates belong to the class of quick and simple, that is, they do not give a positive effect from the use. However, after cooking, the product will contain slow complex carbohydrates, which is much more beneficial for the body.

The popular root vegetable is rich in vitamins, dietary fiber, and minerals. In moderate amounts, with proper heat treatment, the product will not harm the figure, saturate the body with nutrients, and improve the functioning of vital organs.

Carbs in fried potatoes

Potato is a carbohydrate in its pure form, almost completely consists of starch, any fat selected for cooking, at a certain temperature produces carcinogens, salt retains fluid in the body. It is impossible to talk seriously about the benefits of fried potatoes if you only take into account the taste of the product.

Carbohydrates: 23.4 g per 100 g of product.


Calories mashed potatoes / How many carbs in mashed potatoes?

The calorie content of mashed potatoes is 106 kcal per 100 grams of the product. Carbohydrates 14.7 g per 100 g.

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