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One of the most favorite cereal crops, corn, has a noticeable positive effect on the work of the whole organism. At the same time, with some diseases and conditions, corn may be contraindicated.


Corn health benefits

Can you eat field corn?

You will be surprised, but corn contains a small amount of gold, which takes part in hormonal processes, and also positively affects the functioning of the immune system.

Benefits for the intestines and liver

Corn has a beneficial effect on the intestines and helps to cope with constipation. People suffering from liver diseases will also feel noticeable relief with regular use of corn, which has a pronounced choleretic effect.

Boiled corn stigmas greatly facilitate the course of various types of hepatitis, diseases of the gallbladder, and bile ducts.

Pancreatic, Renal, and Heart Health

Few people know that young corn contributes to the gentle dissolution of kidney stones. A decoction of young corn helps to cope with diseases of the pancreas, and if you drink such a decoction regularly, 1 glass a day, then you can normalize metabolic processes in the body.

The beneficial components contained in corn help strengthen the heart and blood vessels, and also significantly alleviate the attacks that occur with gout and jade.

Contraindications and harm

As you know, there is nothing useful, and corn is no exception. So, eating corn can harm your body with thrombosis, increased blood clotting, thrombophlebitis. Also, doctors do not recommend eating corn to people with reduced body weight, as well as during exacerbations of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

So, is corn beef healthy? The answer is yes.

Corn benefits weight loss

In recent years, corn started to appreciate questionable notoriety, which was accused of its moderately fatty substance and normal glycemic record. Nonetheless, is this brilliant common item extremely hurtful?

One head of bubbled corn from 85 to 100 calories (contingent upon weight)

A cup of corn grains contains around 143 calories, contingent upon the assortment.

Calorie substance of cooked corn relies upon the assortment and reaches from 96 to 200 kcal, yet 96 kcal is commonly acknowledged as a normal.

in yellow, and 108 kcal in white evaluations per 100 g of item.

This is significantly more than different vegetables. Along these lines, for instance, a similar measure of hacked carrots has just 52 calories, a cup of spinach contains just 7 calories, and the proportionate part of cleaved green pepper is 30 calories.

In any case, oat grains are gainful to the body and ought not to be prohibited from their eating regimen. Every item has special pointers of calories, proteins, fats, and sugars (KPFC), which decides its worth and convenience.

Bubbled corn has KPFC, assisting with battling overweight and improve wellbeing. It incorporates 14% protein and under 7% fat, starches make up its principle part about 80%, yet since they have a place with the normal level as far as parting speed, they don’t hurt the body.


Vegan corn recipes

Corn is a universal product. It can be used in many recipes and dishes. Sweet and salty.

There are a lot of cooking options, around the world you can find corn in the most delicious and unusual dishes!

These are soups, various light and saturated salads, the main hot and cold dish, meatballs and cakes, and even desserts.

But also corn can be used as an independent dish. Let’s look at Butterfinger recipe candy corn?


Vegan corn dog recipe – candy corn Butterfinger

We take young heads of corn. To make it easier to separate the grains from the ears, lower the heads in boiling water for 2-3 minutes. Then we take out and quickly cool with running cold water.

After this procedure, the grains can easily be separated from the head with a knife or fingers. Pour the grains into a double boiler. If there is none, then you can get by with the usual improvised means. We select a pan in size such that it includes a colander, but does not reach the bottom. Pour water into the pan so that there is at least 3 cm between the water and the colander. Boil the water.

Pour the grains into a colander and immerse in a saucepan. Cover with a lid. Cook in a steam bath until tender so that the corn kernels become soft. I got about 40 minutes. It depends on the dishes in which you will steam. For the first time, I advise you to try grains every 5 minutes.

After the corn is steamed, mix it with condensed milk, butter, and sugar to taste. It’s better to eat warm.


Corn also has its own holiday!

National candy corn day

On October 30th, the country celebrates its favorite vegetable with National Candy Corn Day.

On January 19, the United States celebrates National Popcorn Day.

The earliest mentions of popcorn were found in New Mexico and are over 5600 years old. Dietitians suggest that the first popcorn was made by throwing kernels on hot stones over a bonfire. Corn burst, but it was not eaten as an appetizer. Bursting corn was triturated and then mixed with water. The early colonists began adding milk to ground popcorn and ate it for breakfast like porridge. In many indigenous cultures, corn and popcorn have been used for religious purposes and as decorations.

Popcorn became popular in the United States around the early 1900s when it was sold on the street. Cinema owners were initially opposed to selling popcorn indoors. However, during the war, popcorn became one of the few luxuries that people could afford, so movie theater owners were forced to start selling popcorn.

Popcorn’s popularity fell when video players appeared and people started watching movies at home. The invention of popcorn for microwave ovens and homemade popcorn machines brought popcorn to the life of moviegoers again. Popcorn is also often used for decoration and as packaging material.

September 30 in Mexico is a traditional celebration of the national holiday – the day of corn, the main agricultural crop of the country.

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