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Salted egg yolk cookies

Salted egg yolk is all around cherished in Asia. Typically duck eggs are dried with salt, and the yolks at long last turn brilliant orange-red, bringing about salty white and salty and marginally sweet yolks. Typically, whites are not utilized in the assembling of treats. Proteins are extremely salty, so they can be joined with a bowl of handcrafted rice porridge/bubbled porridge. How to fix chicken eggs to utilize egg yolks? Yolks of chicken eggs won’t be so splendid, in any case, this will give very comparative outcomes.

salted egg yolk

White egg yolk – benefit, harm, and composition

Egg yolk makes up about 33% of the chicken egg, other components are egg white – about 61% and the rest is a shell. A selective chicken egg weighs approximately 70 grams. About 23.1 grams of yolk can be obtained from such an egg. Egg yolk is the most high-calorie element in a chicken egg; its caloric content is more than 3 times that of protein.

The composition of the egg yolk:

15% – proteins;

0.8% cholesterol;

3.5% – carbohydrates;

26.5% are fats;

An egg is very rich in vitamins, macro, and microelements.


Vitamins contained in egg yolk:

Vitamin A;

Vitamins of group B (B1, B2, B5, B6, B9, B12);

Vitamin D;

Vitamin H;

Vitamin PP;

Beta carotene;



Macro and trace elements contained in egg yolk:

















salted egg yolk

The benefits of egg yolk:

Egg yolk is a real storehouse of vitamins, macro and trace elements necessary for the full functioning of the human body. Egg yolk contains elements that normalize the work of the nervous, cardiovascular systems, improve metabolic processes. For example, choline promotes metabolism, melatonin is involved in the formation of new cells, lecithin nourishes the nervous and brain tissues.

A set of vitamins contained in egg yolk strengthens the immune system, gives strength, increase the tone of the body. Egg yolk protects the body from cancer, slows down the aging process. The fats and cholesterol found in chicken yolk contribute to the production of testosterone in men.

The harm of egg yolk:

Egg yolk is high-calorie, so it is not recommended to consume it too much. The yolk contains a large amount of fat and cholesterol, which can lead to obesity and other diseases associated with being overweight. To receive only benefit from a chicken yolk, it is necessary to observe the daily norm of its consumption.

Recommended daily intake of chicken yolk:

men – up to 4 yolks per day;

women – up to 2 yolks per day;


Let’s cook salted egg yolk cookies Costco

You will need:

Butter – 150 grams.

Egg yolk – 3 pieces.

Flour – 250 grams.

Salt – 1 teaspoon.

min – to taste.

Before starting to cook, soften the butter. To do this, it is not necessary to melt it on fire, just hold it for a couple of hours in a warm room. It is necessary that the butter is evenly mixed with flour and does not leave lumps, otherwise, the dough may not work.

When the butter is soft enough, add flour, a spoonful of salt, two yolks to it and mix thoroughly. After that, sprinkle flour on the table and roll out the dough as thin as possible so that the cookies turn out more crispy. Now cut the formation into pieces.

You can make a baking dish both round and figured, as your fantasy tells you. Cover the baking sheet with baking paper and gently lay the resulting flour products on it.

By the way, if you do not like cumin, it’s okay, it can easily be replaced with another spice, for example, coriander. Top them with yolk and sprinkle with caraway seeds. The yolk here has two functions: on the one hand, it gives the liver a “delicious” golden color, on the other, it holds the caraway seeds together and prevents it from crumbling during cooking.

Preheat the oven to 180 degrees and bake cookies for about 12-17 minutes. As soon as it turns brownish-yellow, boldly take it out and enjoy its unique taste!

It turns out a big plate of cookies! Bon Appetit!


How to keep cookies soft? How long do cookies last?

Lay each cookie with parchment and place it in a box, jar, or container with a tight-fitting lid. Strips can be stored directly in the form in which they were baked, tightly covering it. If the cookie starts to dry, put in a box a slice of fresh apple, orange or bread, and close tightly. After 24 hours you need to get it.


Can you freeze cookies?

Cookies can be frozen in a container or plastic bag for up to 6-12 months. To freeze cookies with icing, you need to put it on a baking sheet, and after it freezes you can put it in a bag. Before serving, you need to remove it from the container or bag and hold at room temperature for 15-20 minutes.


How to get the yolk out of the egg? How to crack an egg without breaking the yolk? How to get just the egg yolk?

With a dull part of a knife or a fork, you need to beat the shell in the center of the egg, set aside the “gun”, and confidently break the egg into two parts. Thus, part of the protein immediately enters the bowl, and the yolk must be held in place with half the shell. The easiest way is to fold your palm with a boat and pour the contents of the shell there.

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