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Whole body health depends on many factors. Physical health refers to the degree of functionality of a person’s body. But do not forget about what we fill our bodies with.

The human body in health and illness are two different conditions. During health, we feel completely different. Good, great!

To remove toxins from the body and there is no stagnation, we want to share valuable information: beetroot juice recipes for weight loss

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Dynamic health beetroot juice

Beetroot is a very tasty and healthy product that is often used in various dishes.

In ancient times, the natural dye was extracted from this root crop and used in medicine and cooking. The oldest archaeological evidence that people used beets dates back to the third millennium BC, was found in the Netherlands and Egypt.

In the second millennium, BC beets were also known in ancient Persia. Residents used it for food and as a medicinal plant. However, despite all its benefits, beets were considered a symbol of quarrels and gossip. But all these prejudices still did not prevent them from enjoying the wonderful taste of beets, preparing a variety of dishes from it. The use of beetroot juice has also been popular at all times. Especially girls liked to drink it since it was believed that beets prolong the youth of the body, give vigor, maintain a slender figure, and even affect the mood.

Where to buy beetroot juice?

Beetroot juice is rarely seen on store shelves. Most often, its manufacture occurs independently at home.

how to make beetroot juice with a blender

How to make beetroot juice with a blender?

Needed: 1 medium beet

To prepare the juice, thoroughly rinse the root crop, peel it from the peel. Cut into medium pieces and dip into a juicer.

Keep in mind that the root crop is very hard, so adjust the squeezing of the juice manually so as not to damage the machine.

Next, put the freshly squeezed juice in the refrigerator for 2-3 hours to insist.

How long does fresh juice last?

For beetroot juice to turn out to be of high quality and most useful, you need to responsibly choose the product for its manufacture.

Good beets should be resilient, burgundy, red, or purple. Fruits should be selected up to 12 cm in diameter. When cutting on a beet, there should be no inclusions of white and black color, since this is a sign of beet damage. And the presence of green shoots will indicate the youth of the vegetable, and hence its juiciness. Before use, the product is well washed and peeled.

So that the juice does not quickly deteriorate and does not lose its useful properties, it is placed in the refrigerator, where it must stand. Its properties at this time are gaining maximum strength. Storage time should not exceed 12 hours.

dynamic health beetroot juice

Beetroot powder vs juice

You can buy ready-made beetroot powder, this reduces the cooking time. But this will not give a good result when comparing the powder with fresh juice. Therefore, the choice is always yours.

Attention! For more than 2 weeks, such juice therapy can not be used. Considering that the main phytotherapeutic actions of beetroot juice are relaxing the intestines and lowering blood pressure, such juice therapy is unsuitable for patients with diarrhea and people with low blood pressure (hypotension). Also, contraindications to this method of treatment are glomerulonephritis, pyelonephritis, and nephrotic syndrome.

The benefits of beet juice

A rich list of mineral compounds and vitamins allows the use of beet juice in the treatment of many ailments. The drink concentrates all the same elements as beets, only in a more concentrated form.

Beetroot juice is used to treat and prevent diseases associated with the liver, kidneys, gall and bladder, and lymphatic system. Drinking beetroot juice helps cleanse the blood.

Freshly squeezed juice contains a lot of iron. This element is needed for full blood formation, prophylaxis of anemia, increase of blood glucose level, normalization of arterial and intracranial pressure.

The beneficial effects of beetroot juice on skin conditions are also known. With its help, the complexion improves, the relief is leveled.

Beetroot juice has a beneficial effect on the immune system and helps the body recover faster after an illness.

A few obvious advantages of beet juice for body shaping are improving metabolism and digestion in general, lowering cholesterol.

For those who do not like the drink, I recommend adding to it orange or carrot juices in a proportion of 1/4.

But it is important to note: beetroot juice is contraindicated in urolithiasis, low blood pressure, and high blood sugar.

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Harm beetroot juice

When using beetroot juice, consult your doctor, since allergic reactions may occur if you have not used it before. Therefore, the introduction of this product should be carried out carefully.

Also, beet juice is contraindicated in people with beet intolerance, hypotension, as well as people with duodenal ulcer and stomach disease.


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